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[wan-der-lus.tea] noun

a strong desire or urge to tea wander or travel and explore the world while drinking tea


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Tea is an unknown and fragmented industry: from a few large-scale companies dominating the sector to micro unexplored tea growers in remote areas of the world. And how about quality and sustainability across the whole business chain? Are consumers aware of the actual cost of their tea cups? 

Get to know tea!


A Guide to Brewing Techniques and Teaware


South Korean Teas and Experiences in Europe


Caffeine in Tea: Debunking Myths


Interview with Eastern Leaves

Thank you for your tea-interest!

Wanderlustea About


Consulting Tea with purpose

I’m here to debunk myths and legends about the second's world beverage and guide you while traveling with speacilitea.  I’m a passionate tea professional whose first priority is to share tea knowledge and guide individuals and companies to shift the market perception of tea

For this reasons, I have created, WanderlusTea which is a Brussels-based business consultancy specialising in supporting tea businesses in establishing their operations and placing their tea products and services in Belgium. I also assist tea brands and producers who started their cultivars in Europe in connecting with the hospitality sector and I foster the tea education by organising workshops, tastings, industry events and tea field trips.


Education, Expertise and  Connections


Tea-related Workshops, Travel, Tastings & Events

Whether you're interested in learning about the culture of tea or just want to indulge in great tea tastings, my tailored know-how (B2B or B2C) is designed to provide unique and engaging tea-related services such workshops, events, tastings, and travel experiences. Let's discuss how we could collaborate together.


Pairing Tea Market & the Hospitality sector

As with wine, food can be paired with tea. This a concept rather new in the hospitality industry, but taking more and more place with the shift of consumers' preferences to non-acholic beverages. If you have a great tea product,  I can represent your brand and position your product in the hospitality sector.


Establishing and Expanding your Tea Business in Belgium

Looking to establish your tea business in Belgium? Do you want to expand your tea offer and increase the profitability of your tea business? I can assist you with navigating the tea industry in Europe and enlarge your tea offer to co-working spaces, corporate offices, organisations, and institutions

Working on Tea

Let's Tea Talk!

I'm always happy to share a nice cup of tea paired with discussions about tea in person or virtually. Let's share tea and tea thoughts!

Partners & Friends

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