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The Tea Wanderluster



Taste, Explore, Repeat

Throughout the years, I’ve earned a reputation for being named a tea and food "advisor": name a place and I will provide you suggestions. To integrate "specialitea" into day-to-day Western culture, I will enjoy bringing you to explore tea at 360 degrees and let you be amazed by the concept of "wanderlust". I love reading, experimenting, and researching the latest food & trends around the tea world and not only. Based in Brussels, but located with taste around the world, I have acquired a sense of Internationality which made me challenge culinary traditions and best practices.

With 5+ years of professional experience in not-for-profit and degrees in International Law and European Studies, I have developed transferable skills in business management and by being an entrepreneur at heart, the need for learning has been a fundamental part of my personality. During the pandemic, I started to evaluate the possibility of entrepreneurship and after having taken entrepreneurship classes, last year I have founded  WanderlusTea with the intent to pass my knowledge and passion for the tea.

Some passionate tea notes

 I have started being passionate about tea since 2011 and many research and books later, I had my epiphany in a small tea room while tasting a tea in Prague by a Chinese owner who didn't understood many words of English. From that moment on, I had the urge to transfer my passion about tea and food to everyone interested: one of my favorite activities is to try out and explore new places and food pairings with tea.

For me tea is an unexplored pool of possibilities for the hospitality sector and an unknown 1000 variations of liquid gold. I dream about being in a restaurant and having the opportunity to finish my meal with several types of teas (not only white, green, yellow, wulong or oolong, black or pu'er), issued from different cultivars, different locations and years.

I believe in producers to consumers direct trade and that's why one of my missions is to introduce you directly to tea growers and bring to them the right value for their incredible work. 

I am sure that by knowing their story you would start seeing tea as a precious commodity as it is. 

The incredible variety in flavor, aromas and types will make you dive in something more than your usual cup of tea. You will see that while talking with all tea afetionados, there is always something to learn about tea.


Why you should contactea me

Whether you’re about to launch a new tea project (especially in Belgium), need advice on expanding your business and connecting with tea experts, or would like a timely tip on tea matters big or small - I’m your go-to source. Contact me to set up a tea talk and find out more about what I can do for you.


Lorela Lohan

CEO & Founder WanderlusTea

Tea, for me, is an infinite source of knowledge and tastefulness.

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