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Tea Company Profile: Solaris Tea

By Katrina Wild & Lorela Lohan,WanderlusTea,

As a part of our weekly blog series, we will be introducing tea company profiles and reviewing their brand philosophy, story, and product lines. To begin with, let's take a closer look at Solaris Tea, an Irish company founded by the passionate husband-and-wife duo, Jörg and Karin Müller, who are qualified Medical Herbalists. Located in the picturesque setting of Galway, Ireland's West coast, Solaris Tea has become synonymous with masterful tea blends and a commitment to holistic wellness infused with wisdom from Western and Celtic herbal medicine, as well as Oriental and Ayurvedic practices.


The story of Solaris Tea began during Jörg and Karin's herbal medicine degree in their early twenties. A passion for creating the perfect cup of herbal tea ignited their entrepreneurial spirit. These initial blends quickly gained popularity, surpassing the offerings of local coffee shops. Solaris Tea's journey officially began in 2003, with a mission to provide customers with delicious, health-promoting organic herbal teas, free from artificial additives.

The company started small, hand-blending herbal teas in their converted attic, delivering their teas to independent health stores and coffee shops. As demand grew, they expanded their product range to include high-grade organic green teas, white teas, and oolong teas. Their commitment to quality and innovation led to numerous awards, including 13 Great Taste Awards, Best Irish Organic Grocery Awards, and recognition at the Eurotoque 2010 awards for an outstanding contribution to Irish cuisine.

Philosophy & Mission

Jörg Müller, director and founder of Solaris Tea, talks about their vision:

“Pure from leaf to cup!

Our philosophy is based on seven main pillars which are all equally important and represent our shared values. We run our business in an ethical manner with respect and love for humanity and nature. These shared values guide all of our everyday operations, from internal management and customer/partner relations to our impact on the environment.

In relation to sustainability:

At Solaris Tea, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to driving positive environmental, social, and community impact through our innovations and growth potential. By integrating sustainability into every aspect of our business, we aim to contribute positively to the planet and society. We envision a future where Solaris Tea continues to be a leading force for change, inspiring others to embrace sustainability and make a lasting impact. In terms of environmental impact, we are continuously exploring new sustainable packaging options, such as biodegradable and compostable materials, to reduce waste and carbon footprint.”

Products & Offerings

Solaris Tea's product range is diverse, with a particular focus on whole-leaf teas, although you can also find your favorite tea in pyramid biodegradable silken tea bags. They offer not only their masterful herbal blends for wellbeing but also a range of teas from the Camellia sinensis plant, as well as tea accessories and gift options.

As for their event and educational offerings, Solaris Tea provides courses such as Botanical Foundation and Introduction to Tea, both in partnership with the European Speciality Tea Association, contributing to the Tea Diploma. They also offer a Foraging course, Womb Wisdom workshops, full moon ceremonies, and meditations.

Last but not least: wholesale and retail. Solaris Tea partners with restaurants, cafés, hotels, and distributors to offer an array of high-quality, organic tea options. From loose teas to teabags, presentation boxes, and elegant accessories, they help businesses create exceptional tea experiences. Customized blends and training are also available to set your establishment apart from the rest.

Product Highlight: Chakra Range

One of Solaris Tea's standout offerings is the "Be Better: Chakra Range”, a collaboration between Yoga teacher and TV presenter Kerstin Linnartz and Jörg Müller. The Chakra Range is a meticulously crafted range of teas that support the different Body Chakras. This unique fusion of passions combines the wisdom of herbal medicine with the balance of yoga, offering a holistic approach to wellness.

Collaboration with WanderlusTea

As the founder of WanderlusTea, I, Lohan Lorela, am thrilled to unveil and promote the exquisite tea and infusion collections carefully crafted by SolarisTea. The collections crafted by Jörg are not merely a blend of teas; they want to invite you to a journey, an exploration of balance and well-being. Each infusion and tea is a dance of flavors that resonates with the energy centers of the body, creating a truly holistic experience.

The BeBetter Chakra collection has captured my palate with its thoughtful selection of camellia sinensis, herbs, and botanicals. From the grounding notes of Rooibos to the invigorating essence of nettle and black tea, every chakra is a harmony of flavors.

The synergy between Wanderlustea and SolarisTea goes beyond a mere partnership; it's a shared commitment to elevating the tea-infusion drinking experience. As I envision the integration and place of SolarisTea collections into diverse spaces, my imagination goes into picturing the serenity in yoga rooms, where practitioners can sip teas on the calming elixir post-session, imagining the aromatic symphony wafting through the air in bustling coffee shops while adding a touch of tranquillity to the urban hustle and envisioning the collaborative spirit flourishing in co-working spaces, where collections become a catalyst for creativity and mindfulness.

This collaboration is not just about tea; it's about cultivating a sense of well-being and inspiring a community of tea enthusiasts to embark on a journey of tasteful discovery.

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