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Top 5 Advent Tea Calendars in Europe

By Katrina Wild

As the festive season approaches, for tea enthusiasts it brings a delightful indulgence: tea advent calendars. Elevating the customary countdown to Christmas, these calendars promise a daily discovery of exquisite teas sourced from esteemed brands across Europe. Join us as we explore the top 5 advent tea calendars, each a testament to the rich diversity and artistry of tea. From France's Palais des Thés to Italy's La Via del Tè, these calendars offer a gateway to a world of exceptional flavours.

Palais des Thés (France)

Embark on a sensory journey with Palais des Thés' exclusive Advent Calendars: '24 days of Tea' and 'Tea Researcher's Advent Calendar'. Unwrap the first 24 days of December to discover a medley of flavoured creations, single-estate teas, and gourmet herbal blends thoughtfully wrapped in hand-sewn muslin. While their 'Tea Researcher's Advent Calendar' offers 7 Grands Crus and 17 single-estate teas curated by their tea explorers, this calendar is a round-the-world trip in tea form, perfect for tea and travel enthusiasts alike.

Speaking of interesting and funky designs of tea advent calendars in France, worth to mention Le Beau Thé also.

Paper & Tea (Germany)

Advent Calendar Recommendation: Paper & Tea, Taste the World

Known for its commitment to quality and design, Paper & Tea brings forth a meticulously crafted advent calendar that unravels 24 days of diverse tea experiences. Paper & Tea's advent calendar promises a daily journey through the craft of tea. Join their mission of enriching life through joyful moments and meaningful interactions, one tea at a time.

Avantcha (UAE)

Advent Calendar Recommendation: Avantcha Luxury Tea Advent Calendar

While not Europe-based, Avantcha's Luxury Tea Advent Calendar deserves a mention for its exquisite offerings and shipping accessibility to Europe. Dive into 24 days of surprise loose leaf and festive mini tea tins, including Avantcha's favorites, unique festive blends, and rare teas from the Platinum Tea Collection, accompanied by a practical surprise gift for a perfectly balanced infusion each day.

Whittard (United Kingdom)

Advent Calendar Recommendation: Whittard Tea Advent Calendar

No exploration of European teas is complete without a nod to the United Kingdom, a nation with a rich tea heritage. Whittard's gorgeous calendar unveils 94 teabags in 24 trays filled with a diverse selection from their range— from festive Christmas blends to invigorating mint and fruity infusions to classics like Darjeeling and Earl Grey, promising a tea adventure as you countdown to Christmas.

We also can't skip mentioning Fortnum and Mason's series of advent calendars since the designs are simply captivating, such as a wooden house and musical Piccadilly, including not only tea but confectionery also.

La Via del Tè (Italy)

Advent Calendar Recommendation: La Via del Tè Tea Advent Calendar

Delve into Italian gourmet expertise with La Via del Tè's precious gift for tea lovers. This Advent Calendar features 24 infusions in biodegradable teabags — a different tea or herbal blend to discover every day.


For tea aficionados across Europe, these advent calendars offer a delightful passage through a world of diverse and exceptional teas. Each calendar invites you to sip, savor, and celebrate the spirit of the season with a daily ritual of the finest teas.


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