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Ideas for a 3-day trip in Berlin if TEA is your passion

Day 1: An Indian Morning, Chinese Green Afternoon, Posh High-End Tea and Tea Cocktails


My tea adventure in Berlin began with a delightful Indian tea experience at the TeaHouse at the Hoxton in Charlottenburg. The morning breakfast was perfect with an assortment of pastries, naans, and a spiced Masala Chai served with milk on the side. The blend of spices in the chai provided the perfect kick to start the day.

From there, I ventured to the Chinese Tea House inside the Gaerten der Welt (World of Gardens Park). The serene environment of the gardens was a stark contrast to the bustling city outside. At the Chinese Tea House, I chose among the great selections of Chinese teas to taste 3 teas: the Da Hong Pao, the Iced Bai Hao Yin Zhen 2024, and the Xi Hu Long Jing 2024. After my sun-beamed tea tasting, I peacefully strolled through the Korean and Japanese gardens further enriching the cultural tapestry of my day.

The next stop was the Ritz Carlton Berlin for their famed Afternoon Tea at the Lounge. The luxurious setting was complemented by an oriental beauty oolong tea, which paired beautifully with scones, savory tarts, and exquisite French mini pastries. It was an indulgent afternoon that epitomized elegance and refinement.
The day concluded with a meeting at Bar Schwips, where I had the pleasure of spending time with one of the founders of the Berlin Tea Festival. I enjoyed two unique tea cocktails: the Honey Hai, made with sweet potato shochu, hojicha tea, honey, and jasmine flowers, and the Maple Pu'Er, a mix of brown-sugar shochu, Pu'Er tea, maple syrup, barley shoyu, and aquafaba. The evening was filled with lively conversation and a delicious array of international tapas.

Day 2: Korean Delights, Beimake at Kos-Tea, Japanese ice-cream and Fine-Dining Experience

The second day began at Soopoollim in Berlin Mitte, a Korean eatery and tea house. I relished their popcorn green tea and herbal teas, perfectly complemented by traditional Korean dishes. Pictures of this tea experience will be published in the article about Korean Teas.
Next, I visited the newly reopened Kos-Tea to meet Cordula, the founder of Beimake, an online tea shop. Cordula's love for China and Chinese green tea was infectious. Oliver, the founder of KosTea, curated a delightful selection for us, and I fell in love - as often - with an amazing Japanese tea ceramic kyushu, though I sadly had to leave it behind due to limited luggage space.
As the day warmed up, I stopped by Tenzan Lab, a kakigori café where shaved ice creations paired beautifully with top-grade Japanese teas. The colorful and refreshing treats were a highlight of my day.

I ended the day at OUKAN dining, a vegan fine-dining restaurant known for its well-researched tea pairings and refined culinary creations. The culinary experience was both innovative and outstanding, showcasing the versatility of tea in gastronomy. The highlight of my day was the yi bao sandwich, but a full review will follow accordingly.

Day 3: Paper & Tea, Chaya, Tea & Vinyl session and Greek Tea

The final day was dedicated to exploring the tea shops of Berlin. I started at Paper and Tea tea shop in Charlottenburg (it was their last day of opening so I was quite happy to be able to visit them), and continued exploring Japan by visiting Chaya where I enjoyed a Matcha Affogato ice cream and an Iced Mugicha (Barley Tea).

Next, I headed to Unkompress to listen to vinyl music while Ilya, the founder of Xiancha Tea, brewed incredible Taiwanese teas.

The journey concluded with a taste of Greece at Tee.Salon.Iki, where I sampled the famous High Mountain tea (a Greek herbal infusion) while tasting their Greek Salad with barley and caribe crackers, tomatoes, olives, and Greek spices.

Berlin's vibrant tea culture offers a myriad of experiences for tea lovers. From the bustling tea houses to serene gardens, and from luxurious hotels to unique tea cocktails, this city has something for every tea enthusiast. My Berlin tea adventure was nothing short of extraordinary!


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